Border Tales is a new imprint publishing off beat adventure stories.

Our new novel, Radio A-Go-Go is out now.

It’s 1966. Broadcasting from ships and forts out at sea pirate radio has seized popular imagination. Stations like Caroline, London and Radio City, all in the Thames estuary, are listened to by millions. Determined to bring free radio to his beloved north-east, Stan Metcalfe acquires an old Belgian fishing boat and a transmitter. Helped by wartime friends from the French Resistance, a US army deserter and a cat called George, Stan sets sail for the Yorkshire coast.

Before the pirates Britain had no music radio. Now the forgotten rock and roll generation is fighting back. Local MP Dan Witton is furious to discover his old playground enemy, Metcalfe, is the man behind the new radio station. Witton is preparing legislation to outlaw the pirates. Faced by Dan Witton’s raiding parties, attacks on staff, storms and gales Radio A-Go-Go battles on.

Free speech, rock and roll, and the summer of love looks doomed. Can traumatised war veteran, Stan Metcalfe bring it off? As the US military closes in can disc jockey Ricky Johnson escape? Time is running out for Joe Barker and the girl he loves. On land his stammer stops him talking to her. Can Joe reach Julia in time? Broadcasting from the rolling deeps of the North Sea, Radio A-Go-Go has the answers.

See also ‘Soldiers of the Heart’ by John Musgrave set in the French Foreign Legion and Scotland.